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Coffee and a Ball Gag

6587737_sEver wonder where women go for sex advise? Believe it or not, it is not our girlfriends, partners or even the internet. Many go nowhere – however a few will ask their medical doctor or seek out information in the form of a one size fits all book.  Shocking… not really, when you look at the role women play in society.  We appear to want everyone to believe life is “perfect”. It is no wonder less than 35% of women have had a g-spot orgasm- we don’t bother to ask where the hell the spot is located!

Yes I am the friend who gives vibrators to their BFF’s as birthday gifts.

Seriously though, why are we not chatting it up with our girlfriends? While we “tee hee’ the idea of BDSM – we are going through life with a ball gag on -and yes it is time to take it off!

So Ladies … know this:

  • You are responsible for orgasms
  • Masturbation is a wonderful tool for self- discovery, empowerment and pleasure
  • You are NOT ALONE! Your sisters are just as frustrated as you are
  • It is time to take the gag out and share with your BFF’s – look and see who you really trust and start a dialogue
  • Sex toys enhance play and can be bought online discretely (my favorite ones are on the resource page)
  • If you cant create a fantasy – watch some porn – it really isn’t going to kill you – although the music may be funky

The big take away – open the lines of communication with your partner and your friends. Find a sex coach who fits your personality style and start opening doors to your own empowerment!